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Health Technology For Doctors and Medical Practitioners

Engaging patients with health information and treatment-related data in time.
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Mobile health platforms are removing barriers to provide healthcare solutions in new and innovative ways to remote populations. Health technology enables doctors and medical practitioners to diagnose and treat patients without the need of their physical presence. Technology is also enabling complete transparency in the interaction between healthcare providers and patients by allowing them to freely access health records and medical history.

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Challenges Faced

  • Difficulty in reaching patients in remote areas leads to limited access to healthcare.
  • Existing systems lack efficiency required to check and save patient reports, tracking vitals, etc.
  • Cost of travel increases by visiting each patient and providing care in person.
  • Too much time is used up in educating patients on right nutrition, symptom identification, etc.
  • Current systems focus on episodic nature of care, not preventive.
A sick woman lies in a hospital bed, her pulse being checked by a doctor


Time can be managed more effectively, improving productivity of medical practitioners.
Virtual health platforms extend doctors’ reach to patients in remote areas.
Improved focus on continuous care and support helps prevent extreme illness episodes.
Medical support can be provided virtually through videos, chat, etc. in many cases, reducing the need to visit the patients in person.
Virtual channels can be effectively used to access and check health records and monitor vitals.


To combat anemia, iron-rich foods such as liver, beef, eggs, rye bread, dark chocolate, parsley leaves, dried apricots, beans, broccoli, beetroot, potato, nuts, and pistachios are displayed.
Seniors practice balancing exercises using an exercise dumbbells in a studio.
Image displaying a blood glucose meter and insulin syringe, diabetes healthy diet concept.
A friendly Asian nurse taking care of a senior elderly man's nutrition at the hospital.
Nutritional food for heart health with clean fruits and vegetables in heart dish.