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Health Technology Platforms For Government Health Programs

Enabling government organizations to envision and implement new and more efficient ways of providing care.
A doctor stacking wooden pieces with medical icons printed on it depicting health technology concept.
Mobile health and wellness platforms are rapidly creating new possibilities for health care service and delivery. Technological interventions are helping government healthcare centres to provide clinical support in remote, rural locations by overcoming geographical barriers. REAN Foundation health and wellness technology can support government healthcare organizations in achieving early and faster diagnoses as well as improving delivery and management of healthcare services by enhancing access, efficiency and quality at a low cost.
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Challenges Faced

  • Govt. healthcare schemes suffer from deficient infrastructure to reach and serve remote areas.
  • Public health programs lag due to limited physical resources including physicians, paramedics and hospital space.
  • Majority households are unable to access or afford continuous preventive and rehabilitation care.
  • Populations in rural areas lack the right nutrition guidance and understanding of symptoms to identify illnesses in time and care for patients.
  • Government healthcare sector is in need of technical expertise to operationalize solutions that are proven in private sector
A doctor holding the hands of a physically challenged boy who is standing with his walking stick

Benefits of REAN HealthGuru Mobile Technology Platform

Low-Tech native language based services are critical for medical expertise to reach remote areas.
Remote healthcare can mitigate the lack of doctors and medical resources.
Remote healthcare capability will provide assistance and education to patients and mitigate the medical staff shortage.
Availability of preventative care at home will improve continuous care accessibility and affordability and reduce healthcare costs of government programs.
Technology will empower social workers, allowing them to handle a broader array of health conditions, thus providing employment opportunities and increasing economic growth.


To combat anemia, iron-rich foods such as liver, beef, eggs, rye bread, dark chocolate, parsley leaves, dried apricots, beans, broccoli, beetroot, potato, nuts, and pistachios are displayed.
Seniors practice balancing exercises using an exercise dumbbells in a studio.
Image displaying a blood glucose meter and insulin syringe, diabetes healthy diet concept.
A friendly Asian nurse taking care of a senior elderly man's nutrition at the hospital.
Nutritional food for heart health with clean fruits and vegetables in heart dish.