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Mobile Health Technology for NGOs

Enabling effective initiatives including health surveys, surveillance, awareness raising, and decision support systems.
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The easy availability of mobile technology and reduction in cost of data is paving the way for easy civic engagement for health and wellness management by Non‑Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Technology‑enabled interventions are proving critical in strengthening public health systems and achieving the health-related development goals. REAN HealthGuru mobile health platform can be used by NGOs for effective community mobilization, treatment compliance as well as raising awareness over health issues.

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Challenges Faced

  • Poor access to preventative healthcare for patients in economically weaker sections as well as remote areas.
  • Public healthcare schemes lack the support to reach and serve individuals due to deficient infrastructure.
  • Medication non-adherence due to factors like no education or lack of understanding can lead to deterioration of condition.
  • Limited physical resources including physicians, paramedics and hospital space.
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Benefits of Using Mobile Health Technology

Healthcare technology can allow health and wellness support to reach people in remote areas.
Healthcare apps like REAN HealthGuru can greatly improve continuous care accessibility and affordability.
Remote health tech can mitigate the lack of doctors and medical resources.
Healthcare providers can easily provide medical support virtually through videos, chat, etc. thereby reducing the need to meet the patients in person.


A pregnant woman relaxing or sleeping with a belly support pillow in bed illustrates the importance of sleep during pregnancy.
A tired, sleeping man with sticky note eyes at the office desk illustrates sleep debt or sleep loss.
An Asian pregnant woman standing holding an orange in her hand illustrates the concept of Vitamin C for a safe pregnancy.
The image illustrates weight gain during pregnancy with a pregnant woman holding a scale.
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A mother with her cute baby in a home environment illustrates maternal mental health's importance.