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Creating Awareness Among Adolescents through Digitized Support

Building a platform to enhance the health in physical, mental, sexual and reproductive areas for adolescents and youth to empower them for a brighter future.

Approximately one-third of all internet users globally are estimated to be children and adolescents under the age of 18, and evidence shows that young people are starting to use the internet at increasingly younger ages.

Source: UNICEF. The state of the world’s children 2017: children in a digital world. New York: UNICEF; 2017

There is a need to ensure young people have access to reliable, trustworthy sources for accurate and complete information on sexual and reproductive health.

Source: My Body, My Life, My World Through A Covid-19 Lens, 2020 -

“Working with the development team at REAN Foundation has been a fantastic experience. They fully grasped our vision for the Raahi App and made every effort to bring it to fruition. They were not only skilled in their work but also proactive in providing suggestions and finding solutions to any issues that arose.”

Partner Overview

The Society for Nutrition, Education, and Health Action (SNEHA) is a non-profit organization that addresses urban health challenges in vulnerable communities, public health, and safety systems by developing evidence-based models. Using a data-driven, technology-backed approach, the organization develops evidence-based interventions to promote gender equity and influence adolescents' societal attitudes and physical health awareness.

SNEHA also works with teens using mediums like community mobilization, resource creation, and collective learning to empower them with skills for the future. The organization also strives to strengthen the health systems’ response to adolescent requirements.

The Challenge

Adolescence is one of the most critical phases in a person’s life. Unfortunately, these formative years are not so kind to everyone. The youth and adolescents in urban informal settlements often have limited access to resources on topics relating to health, gender, and sexuality due to factors such as:
Lack of access to curated content in physical and digital format
Busy schedules and more focus on career takes away interest from intervention activities
Lack of content in local languages to understand critical aspects of this phase of life
Lack of privacy because of shared spaces and resources (including smartphones)
In such scenarios, it is difficult to find a safe and encouraging environment to openly discuss sensitive topics such as sexual behavior and gender stereotypes because of stigmas relating to these issues.

The Solution

The REAN team’s collaboration with SNEHA has enabled the creation of SNEHA-Raahi, a web application suitable for mobile screens. While the REAN team implemented the frontend in the robust Svelte web framework, the SNEHA-Raahi application's backend is based on REAN’s backend API service.

The SNEHA-Raahi application uses the following REAN platform features:

Education module educates young people about physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health. It also provides information on domestic violence and sexual abuse through reading materials, videos, audio, and documents
Assessment module is integrated with the education module to evaluate the effectiveness of the self-learning platform for each module.
Chat module enables easier communication and group conversation between peers.
Notifications support both user event/action-based notifications as well as broadcast notifications to all or selected users.
REAN Chat bot integration through the “Ask SNEHA” is a feature powered by the REAN bot service, which supports a fallback mechanism for human intervention.
Notice module helps manage job postings and applications against those postings.
RSS feed module, which serves news feeds from SNEHA inside the application.

The Objective

Developing a one-stop, self-learning digital platform for adolescents from vulnerable communities to independently access:

Information related physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health and citizenship
A user-friendly platform that aids learning and helps with career support
Initiatives taken by peers and gain inspiration while using the platform to amplify their own initiatives

The Benefits

The SNEHA-Raahi app allows adolescent users to:
Access individual course learning for easy access
Gain awareness through shared information in the local language
Have healthy discussions with other peers
View and apply for current job openings at SNEHA
Get guidance through discussions and yet maintain privacy with ‘Ask SNEHA’ Chatbot