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REAN HealthGuru: Your Health Partner

Our actions are responsible for long-term health and wellness. An informed approach goes a long way to understand and prevent risks and efficiently manage health conditions. REAN HealthGuru helps you take ownership, make smarter choices and be empowered to manage your health independently.
Change Health Behaviour
Take steps to improve physical and mental fitness for longer term health outcomes
Prevent Readmissions
Achieve medication adherence to decrease chances of readmissions & risk of infections, reducing expenses and stress.
This vector illustration features an a young girl sitting and a medicine planner calendar accompanied by a pill notification symbol
Quality Care At Home
Independently manage health conditions in the comfort of your home and reduce travel to medical facilities.
Isometric vector illustration of a woman sitting on a sofa in her home. A picture of a doctor with a black cat and a plant pot in front of her
Engaged Virtual Care
Interact with your care coordination team using a simple and easy to use platform.
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Accessible Solutions for Enhanced Patient Care and Health Worker Support

We work with our partners to improve health equity for patients by making healthcare more accessible and affordable at home in the local language. Our solutions integrate seamlessly in a regular lifestyle to effectively monitor vitals, increase adherence and improve health outcomes. Our free services and open-sourced products support community health workers for digital public welfare.

REAN HealthGuru Platform

Healthcare Management
Empowering patients to effectively manage their health
Self-Monitoring Capabilities
Allowing seamless integration with wearables and health devices to record health journeys
Health Worker Support
Using AI-based technology for risk stratification and predicting health trends

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Combating the Silent Epidemic: Addressing Hypertension in Nigeria's Health Crisis
Date : April 17, 2024
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Image of a teenage girl visiting counsellor to treat mental disorder.
A tired new mom undergoing postpartum depression.
A smartphone is in a separate wicker box with inscription digital detox on table illustrates digital detox for enhanced wellbeing.
Asian pregnant woman is monitor blood pressure illustrates the concept of healthcare, sickness and health concern in high risk pregnancy.
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Your unwavering dedication and invaluable support have placed a pivotal role in our journey of impact and growth. With heartful gratitude, we extend our deepest appreciation for your continued partnership and commitment to our shared mission.

Krishna Vamsi
Co-Founder & CEO,
Blood Warriors, Hyderabad - India