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Our actions are responsible for long-term health and wellness. An informed approach goes a long way to understand and prevent risks and efficiently manage health conditions. REAN HealthGuru helps you take ownership, make smarter choices and be empowered to manage your health independently.
Change Health Behaviour
Take steps to improve physical and mental fitness for longer term health outcomes
Prevent Readmissions
Achieve medication adherence to decrease chances of readmissions & risk of infections, reducing expenses and stress.
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Quality Care At Home
Independently manage health conditions in the comfort of your home and reduce travel to medical facilities.
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Engaged Virtual Care
Interact with your care coordination team using a simple and easy to use platform.
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Preventive Health & Wellness Management

REAN HealthGuru mobile app and bot allow users to manage health and wellness as per the following six pillars:
Health Management
  • Maximize the value of doctor visits
  • Improve medication adherence
  • Enhance quality of patient care
  • Reduce visits to the doctor
  • Improve health behaviour
  • Enhance quality of patient care
Wellness Management

Chat With REAN HealthGuru Bot

Our virtual healthcare assistant is here to help you with COVID-19 vaccination assistance, personal risk assessments, and symptom identification and prevention steps.
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Download REAN HealthGuru App

REAN HealthGuru app helps set your health and wellness goals and achieve them in the comfort of your home. Include your family and medical experts to track your progress and stay motivated.
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Playstore download QR code of REAN app
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