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Effective Medication Management for Improved Care At Home

Two elderly people sitting at their wooden table with pills and pill bottles on it, taking their medication
Better medication adherence can lead to lower cost of healthcare, steady improvement in the quality of life as well as decreased risk of fatalities. It is critical to guide and support individuals and families about their disease and their overall wellness helping prevent more serious medical intervention down the road.

Adhere to Your Prescribed Medication with REAN HealthGuru

REAN Foundation has created the digital healthcare companion that allows you to create your community with family and friends and share your prescriptions among the group.  You or your family group can set up reminders for better medication adherence.
A mobile screenshot of Medication Management Feature video from REAN Health Guru.

Unique Features

Empower individuals to take control of their medication management
Allow collaboration with family, friends and caregivers for care at home
Access medical experts, providers from the comfort of your home


A tired new mom undergoing postpartum depression.
A smartphone is in a separate wicker box with inscription digital detox on table illustrates digital detox for enhanced wellbeing.
Asian pregnant woman is monitor blood pressure illustrates the concept of healthcare, sickness and health concern in high risk pregnancy.
Image of an elderly man practicing yoga asana warrior using chair.
Image of a husband supporting wife during delivery and labour illustrates partner support to handle anxiety during pregnancy.
Image of a mother holding a baby boy child and mosquitos sucking blood on child skin illustrate dengue symptoms in infants.