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What is the use of chatbot?
Our chatbot was designed and developed with the sole purpose of offering a complete health management solution for users. You can ask any health‑related queries or list down your symptoms and our chatbot will offer you answers/solutions for all that.
What technology do you use in the chatbot?
Our chatbot is built on AI-driven technology. It makes use of NLP (Natural Language Processing) to interpret user queries intelligently and converse with users easily and quickly.
How do you ensure the privacy of chatbot users?
All the chat conversations between the user and the chatbot will be end-to-end encrypted This means, no one outside the chat will be able to read or listen to the conversation. It is fully secure.
Does your chatbot offer multilingual conversation facilities?
No. Currently, our chatbot supports only English. But, it will be able to provide answers to FAQs in Hindi and Telugu too. In the future, we may extend to more languages.
Is your chatbot available 24x7?
Yes. Our chatbot is available 24×7 to help with any queries or doubts you may have.
What are the channels your chatbot support?
Our chatbot is omnichannel. It can easily engage with users on whatever platforms they spend most of their time. The chatbot can be enabled on any application or tools the users already use. Few examples are WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.
In case the chatbot is unable to answer a query, will the user be able to converse with a human agent?
No. Currently, we do not offer this facility. But we will be implementing a feature in which a human will get in touch with the user if the bot fails to answer the user’s query. We are also planning to implement a human-handoff facility where a human will step in a take over the conversation if the bot is finding it difficult to answer a user’s query.
Who will be the end-users of your chatbot?
All the Indians who have queries or doubts related to their health or medical issues are the end-users of our chatbot.
Does the chatbot have the memory capacity to save long conversations and interpret them as required?
As of now, our chatbot is not equipped to handle it. But, we are planning to implement this feature in the future.
Are you using any specific method to collect conversational metrics so as to derive insights from it and implement changes?
Currently, we are collecting the conversation transcripts by using Dialogflow. In the future, we plan to collect other types of statistical data like user details and dropout rates.
What all types of questions will a chatbot answer?
You can ask any health-related query to our chatbot. But, currently, the chatbot is focusing on offering extensive assistance to COVID-related queries as it is one of the priorities in the present scenario.
Is there any limitation to the number of users who can converse with the chatbot at the same time?
No. There are no limitations like that. In case there are too many users conversing with the chatbot at the same time, there might be a slight delay in getting the responses. That is all.
What will be the chat lifetime of a conversation that ended with an open-ended question?
Currently, it will be around 20 minutes.
Is your chatbot compatible with standalone desktops and mobiles with different operating systems?
Yes. Any mobile or desktop that can support the download and installation of WhatsApp can use our chatbot.
Will the chatbot be able to understand instructions given by voice?
No. Currently, this facility is not available in our chatbot.
Does your chatbot offer up-to-date information?
Yes. Usually, we offer up-to-date information itself. We have a team of experts who continuously update and refine the FAQ sources and database according to the current updates.
What is the information source of your chatbot?
We make use of reputed information sources like WHO, CDC, etc. We are also using the data collected from reputed hospitals, news channels, and universities to provide COVID-related information. This might be excluded in the future when the pandemic situation changes.
Are the messages sent and received through the chatbot encrypted?
Yes. The WhatsApp encryption will cover it.
Does the chatbot offer any discussion room facilities to chat with a health specialist?
No. Currently we do not offer this facility.
Will the chatbot help in booking appointments?
At present, the chatbot will help you book vaccine appointments. Also, we are planning to include an option to book doctor's appointment in the future.
Does the chatbot offer a feature to upload medical documents so that they can be viewed by doctors before we book an appointment with the doctor?
As of now, we are not offering this feature in our chatbot. But, this feature can be implemented in the future.
Will the chatbot be able to access the end user's location to offer location-specific facilities?
No. Both WhatsApp and Telegram are end-to-end encrypted. Hence, the chatbot will not be able to access the user’s location unless the user themselves sends the location details to us.
Will the chatbot be able to analyze pathology and lab reports?
No. Currently, we do not offer this facility.
How much will it cost to interact with the chatbot and clear my doubts?
It is available free of cost.
In case an illiterate person wishes to use the chatbot, how can they interact with the chatbot?
Our chatbot is available in different regional languages. Hence, it is easily accessible for a wide range of users. We are also planning to implement voice-based interactions to help users who cannot read or write. During this COVID outbreak, this feature will help users who are not tech-savvy and do not know how to use websites and other online portals to access health-related information. These users will also be able to book appointments using our chatbot in the near future.
How often do you update the content in the chatbot?
We will be updating the contents on a daily basis. But the changes will be published once every 2 weeks only.
Is it possible for the chatbot to integrate with any third-party services or agencies?
Yes. Currently, it is integrating with CoWin API. It also makes use of Slack and Google Sheets.
How will the chatbot handle a fail-over to a live agent? Will it send SMS reminders to the users?
It will be sending a message to the users that it will consult with an expert and get back to them. Soon, we will be implementing a functionality by which one of our team members will send a clear response to the user’s query within the next 24 hours or conduct a live take-over.
Is the chatbot AI-based or rule-based?
Our chatbot is AI-based. It is powered by Google’s Dialogflow. It uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing to create natural conversations with our chatbot users.
Is there an option to send customer satisfaction surveys using the chatbot?
Currently, we have not implemented it. But, yes, we are offering this feature.
Will the chatbot broadcast any information regarding the health blogs or webinars that address certain user communities?
No. Currently, we do not offer this service.
How can you ensure that the chatbot will respond correctly to the queries asked by end-users?
As the chatbot interacts with more and more users, we will keep adding more and more training phases to improve it. Hence, over time, the chatbot will get smarter, understand the user’s intent correctly and provide the correct response they require.