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Our Partner: GGHN
GGHN Jara Wellness Assistant powered by REAN HealthGuru is geared towards building awareness for better HIV prevention and care
In response to Nigeria's significant HIV epidemic, the largest in West and Central Africa, Georgetown Global Health Nigeria (GGHN) and REAN Foundation have come together to develop an innovative, technology‑driven solution aimed at HIV prevention and care, along with raising awareness about HIV‑related comorbidities and complications.
1.9 million people are living with HIV and AIDS in Nigeria as of 2018 as per the 2019 Nigeria National HIV/AIDS Indicator and Impact Survey
In 2021, 14,000 young women (ages 15‑24) got HIV, compared to 3,600 young men.

The Challenge

Despite a relatively low HIV prevalence rate, Nigeria ranks third globally in terms of the HIV burden, with 1.9 million people living with the virus as of 2018. Alarmingly, 40% of these infections occur among young individuals aged 15‑24, with a marked gender disparity putting females at higher risk. The country also records the highest number of annual HIV infections among children worldwide, highlighting a pressing need for targeted interventions. With HIV becoming a chronic condition requiring lifelong care, the need for enhanced self‑awareness and adherence to prevention and treatment protocols is critical.

The Solution

Leveraging technology to bridge the health equity gap, the GGHN Jara Wellness Assistant, a WhatsApp‑based solution powered by REAN HealthGuru platform, offers support in local languages to individuals seeking information on HIV, its prevention, and management of related health issues.

The GGHN Jara Wellness Assistant provides assistance in your local language by:

Answering questions to understand the risk factors, symptoms, and possible treatment options for HIV and other comorbidities associated with HIV like TB, Hepatitis, OIs, Malnutrition and more
Creating awareness of how smoking, drug abuse, and malnutrition can lead to HIV and its complications
Providing guidance through text or voice chat to manage patients with HIV infection
Sharing information and dispelling myths about HIV transmission
Following up on adherence for chronic diseases, co‑morbidities and opportunistic infections (OIs) associated with HIV disease and provide referral services when needed
GGHN Jara Wellness Assistant acts as a trusted partner in the journey to improve health awareness and provides insights to prevent and better manage HIV and its associated risks, comorbidities and complications. REAN Foundation remains committed to leveraging innovative solutions to improve health outcomes and achieve health equity across communities.