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Our Partner: SPHSD
Empowering Nigerians against hypertension with SPHSD Healthy Heart Assistant powered by REAN HealthGuru
25% of Nigeria’s adult population has been diagnosed as hypertensive.
In the African Region, hypertension presents as a predominant health challenge, with WHO reporting an alarming 31% prevalence rate. Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation, significantly contributes to this escalating health concern, with about 25% of its adult population diagnosed as hypertensive. This silent killer is often associated with lifestyle and genetic factors, including sedentary habits, obesity, and family history, among others. The serious outcomes of untreated hypertension such as heart disease and renal failure, underscore the critical need for increased awareness and better management strategies.

The Challenge

Hypertension's insidious nature, often presenting with no symptoms, leads to a lack of diagnosis and a tendency towards sporadic, symptomatic medication use. Coupled with the rise in physical inactivity and poor medication adherence, the battle against hypertension is hindered by a critical awareness gap and a healthcare system grappling to keep pace with the growing burden.

Innovative Solution

In response to this pressing need, the Society for Public Health and Social Development (SPHSD) in collaboration with REAN Foundation, introduced the SPHSD Healthy Heart Assistant, a WhatsApp‑based digital assistant designed to demystify hypertension, offering invaluable insights into its causes, symptoms, and management in the users’ preferred language while also spreading awareness on how uncontrolled hypertension could lead to higher risk of cardiovascular and renal diseases.

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Key Features

Risk Factor Education
Interactive guidance on hypertension's risk factors, aiding in early detection and prevention.
Lifestyle Modification Support
Awareness campaigns targeting lifestyle changes to mitigate risk factors such as smoking, sedentary behavior, and unhealthy dietary habits.
Management and Medication Adherence
Personalized advice on managing hypertension, debunking myths, and emphasizing the importance of consistent medication adherence.
Local Language Accessibility
Ensuring wider reach and understanding by providing support in the local language, making health information accessible to all.

The SPHSD Healthy Heart Assistant helps by empowering individuals with the knowledge to take proactive steps towards a healthier future. By leveraging technology, this initiative is not only addressing the immediate challenges posed by hypertension but also setting the stage for sustainable health improvements across Nigeria.

REAN Foundation is focused on bridging the gap between medical expertise and community health literacy and creating transformative health solutions that prioritize prevention and early intervention.