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Our Vision

Our Vision

As we transform as a society, the focus is shifting to preventive healthcare by adopting sustainable healthy habits and making them a part of our lifestyle. REAN Foundation is committed to create healthcare solutions with a vision to empower patients with access to affordable self-management at home.

How We Help Our Users

REAN Foundation removes barriers to providing healthcare solutions in new and innovative ways to remote populations. Our healthcare companion platform allows users to monitor health, track vitals, stay motivated and manage illness. Our HIPAA compliant solutions provide secure, customized support for unique challenges faced by different user groups while providing assistance in local language.

How Our Partners Benefit

Our team is committed to help our partners scale their health equity mission and maximize the human impact by using technology to improve access, affordability, efficiency of their mission. All our products are developed as open-source software.


A young woman is holding and caressing a old woman with walking stick ,and a mobile screen showing the HIPAA Compliant logo
An eye doctor is examing an old lady with torch.
Graphical representation of a girl laying on her back and feeling tired of iron deficiency, a lens can be seen with red blood cells in it.
This vector representation shows a woman using an app to monitor her heart health