Work With Us

Work With Us

REAN Foundation team has experts working passionately to provide the best user experience for the application subscribers. We are always happy to invite volunteers to participate in an initiative focused on promoting a healthy, independent, empowered society.

Retired doctors and nurses wishing to serve the society

Students who want to learn business skills in marketing/technology domain

Compassionate human beings with time and motivation to serve ageing friends, individuals fighting grave illness

If you are interested to work with us at the back-end, developing the platform or be the front-runner and serve the society by interacting with the patients and care-givers, please get in touch with us.

Our Partners

REAN Foundation works closely with the American Heart Association (AHA) cardiology experts to provide global-level health assistance for people, allowing them to monitor health conditions accurately in the comfort of their home. The REAN Foundation digital health platform represents a strong compliment to the AHA’s mission and work domestically and abroad.
The mobile health platform is designed to improve the lives of individuals facing health challenges. It does so by understanding the decisions that need to be taken to reach specific health goals, considering the advice of doctors and caregivers. Working on those inputs, customized care plans are devised for a comfortable, healthy lifestyle, sharing constant updates about any changes in health conditions, with the individual’s network of caregivers.