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Helping Youth To Understand and Overcome Mental Health Challenges

PATH and REAN Foundation collaborate to develop Manasa to support wellbeing of young minds
300 million people suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts
18% of people who have committed suicide have attempted suicide previously
One out of seven people in the 15-24 age group show signs of depression
Our young people need access to accurate and crisp information on a range of topics that influence mental health, emotions, common mental health problems, self-care and resources for professional help in times of need. With REAN foundation, we aim to bring this information within immediate reach of young people in a user-led conversation-style format in their preferred language. We believe such information can be empowering, actionable and keeps the users' interests in the center.


Millions of people worldwide are affected by mental disorders like depression, schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, dementia, autism, and other intellectual disabilities affect individuals of all ages and backgrounds. A report from the World Health Organization reveals that India has the highest number of people suffering from depression, which means that every third person in India experiences depression.

The Challenge

The foundation for successful adulthood is laid during the early years of life, which is why sound mental health is critical to a person’s overall well-being. Many children and young adults are affected by mental health challenges that stem from unfortunate incidents during their childhood, such as:
Recurrent mental or
physical abuse
Unsavory experiences
 in school
Unhappy childhood due to family disharmony
Vector representing negligence due to poor economic condition.
Constant neglect due to poor economic condition
Vector representing bullying.
Cyber, physical or psychological bullying
Social isolation or 
persistent teasing
Vector representing anxiety.
Anxiety, phobia, panic attacks, or depression triggered by the loss of a loved one

The Solution

REAN Foundation and PATH have jointly developed a mental health assistant, Manasa, a WhatsApp-based chat assistant that allows children and young adults to improve their mental health awareness and be able to ask questions without the fear of being judged. An easy-to-use solution that combines the power of AI with smartphone portability to share authentic information in local language.

Manasa Offers

Information about mental health through text, images, videos, and audio that is legitimate, well-researched, and reliable
A complete list of mental health helplines
Comprehensive coverage of common youth issues, types of mental health conditions, and emotional issues

Benefits To The Patients

The onset of mental or substance use disorders usually occurs in adolescence or young adulthood, and many tend to run a chronic or relapsing course. Assisting young people in a timely manner is one of the essential missions of Manasa, which is:
  • Affordable and user-friendly, and safe to share personal data
  • Available at all times
  • A safe and non-judgemental place for young people who need support
  • Job aid for teachers to promote mental health among students
  • A platform to seek support from available Indian mental health sources
  • Useful for parents and teachers to use the assistant in a group or independently