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Charting a New Course: Raahi App's Impact on Sexual Awareness Among India's Young Mind

Bridging the Information Gap with the Raahi App - A Solution for Informed Adolescence


In India, a significant gap exists in sexual awareness among the young population. Adolescents find themselves turning to the internet—scrolling through YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok—to understand their minds and bodies better. Yet, the journey for accurate information is fraught with challenges, notably due to the scarcity of contextually relevant content in local languages.

The Challenge

Young individuals seeking answers about their physical and mental development, emotional well-being, health, nutrition, and sexual and reproductive health face several obstacles:
Lack of Information
A dearth of reliable and comprehensive resources that cater to their queries.
The internet is rife with incorrect information, leading to confusion and misconceptions.
Language and Cultural Barrier
Most of the available information is in English and does not resonate with the Indian context, making it inaccessible to a vast majority.

The Solution: Raahi Mobile App

Developed through a collaboration between Sneha Raahi and the REAN Foundation, the Raahi mobile app, powered by the REAN HealthGuru platform, is designed to bridge the information gap and empower India's youth with knowledge and understanding. Accessible via

Raahi offers a comprehensive suite of services:

Learning Journeys
Tailored content in Hindi covering a wide array of topics, including physical and mental development, emotional well-being, sexual and reproductive health, child sexual abuse, substance abuse, gender-based violence, and civil action.
Resource Links
Information about government schemes, scholarships, and career opportunities.
Video Modules
Engaging educational videos that guide users through each learning journey.
Recognition Badges: To celebrate users' achievements and milestones on their journey of learning.
Chat Feature
Enabling users to connect with peers, fostering a sense of community and shared learning.
Community Newsfeed
Showcasing stories and achievements from young individuals across the community.
Privacy Respect
A shutdown button for users to control their privacy, ensuring the app's development complies with HIPAA privacy and security standards.

The Raahi app, developed by Sneha Raahi and the REAN Foundation, is more than just a digital platform; it's a companion for young minds on their quest for knowledge, empowering them towards a future filled with possibility and enlightenment. Whether you're seeking information for yourself or aiming to empower the youth around you, the Raahi app is your gateway to a world of informed and conscious understanding.