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Healthcare and Nutrition Support for Remote, Tribal Population

Organization Overview

Indigenous Development Organization (I-DO) is a tribal health initiative by Dr. Narendar. It aims to provide basic healthcare and nutrition support to underprivileged communities living in remote, rural locations in Telangana. The organisation works with locals and trains them to fill the gap by providing primary medical care for women and children. The program uses locally produced food items to provide essential nutrients in an effort to reduce the cases of malnutrition and anaemia, leading to poor growth and high mortality rates.

Providing Medical Support for Mothers and Newborn Babies

REAN Foundation is helping I-DO as a technology enabler

Providing support for better care of women’s health before, during and after pregnancy thereby ensuring safety and health of the newborn child as well as the mother.

REAN HealthGuru maternity care solution
can be effectively used to

Monitor the diet of pregnant and lactating mothers & share it with their care team

Community health workers can use the solution to track their vitals

Share tips regarding healthy practices, importance of good sanitation and steps to ensure good health of babies with rural, uneducated families.

Nutrition and Education Assistance for Families in Remote Habitations

An intake of nutritious ingredients from different food groups, in sufficient quantities, is essential for physical and mental health of mothers as well as growth and development of young children.

REAN HealthGuru technology platform can provide inputs in local language, helping people to understand the nutritional value of foods and maintain a healthy diet.

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