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Digitizing the Collection & Analysis of Health Data to Understand & Mitigate Cardio Health Challenges

Learn how REAN HealthGuru helps HSFSA in effective health data collection and analysis
Every year, 17.9 million people die from cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).
A third of CVD deaths occur in people under the age of 70, and more than four out of five are caused by heart attacks and strokes.
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Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa


At least 80% of deaths caused by Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are preventable by adopting an active lifestyle, eating healthy food, and quitting unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking. Creating an environment where healthy choices are affordable and available is also necessary to motivate people to maintain healthy habits.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) is a non-profit NGO which aims to improve the overall health care system and mitigate the risk of Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) in South Africa. The organization works to create awareness about CVDs by influencing health policies, and providing tech tools to support healthcare teams.

The Challenge

CVDs can be prevented by identifying and treating those at highest risk. However, many primary healthcare centres (especially in remote areas) lack the facilities and the technology to access past medical history, risky habits like smoking and chewing tobacco, and health metrics such as blood glucose levels and blood pressure. Using traditional paper-based forms to survey the general population can be time-consuming, costly, and challenging. However, by digitizing information collection, better health policy decisions can be made with timely access to data insights.

The Solution

REAN Foundation is committed to creating healthcare solutions to empower patients, organizations, and healthcare providers. Our HIPAA-compliant solutions have forged new paths by enabling better access to healthcare in developing and remote geographic regions.

REAN HealthGuru is developed to help HSFSA track, collect, and analyze demographic and health data. The mobile platform can help identify health trends and provide valuable insights into key health challenges faced by specific communities. Government can leverage this data to plan disease prevention and management programs.

The solutions include

An analytical tool to evaluate the collected health data to derive insights.
Kobo Toolbox
A digital tool to collect data from the first point of contact in remote areas even without an internet connection.

Key objectives of the planned solution include:

Easier and faster data collection of data for on-field healthcare workers.
Cost-effective and user-friendly device for offline data collection.
Better outcomes by analyzing the information and gaining actionable insights.
Easy data sharing amongst Government agencies to enable quick action.

Benefits To The Patients

The information gathered with QuickSight and Kobo ToolBox can help identify and analyze patterns and predisposing factors that lead to hypercholesterolemia and stroke amongst people. These insights will play an instrumental role in creating plans and public policies to improve the CVD risk factors amongst the general population and improve their overall health standards.

Some of the notable benefits of the solution include:

  • Digitization of paper-based data
  • Remote access without the availability of internet
  • Ease of deriving health trends and insights
  • Secure data management with HIPAA compliant platform
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