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Navigating Pregnancy with Confidence: Expert Advice at Your Fingertips

AfyaMama ChatMate Guides Moms-to-Be Toward a Healthy Pregnancy Journey

Organization Overview

Janvikas is a public charitable trust focused towards building and strengthening a just, democratic and secular society and to bring about concrete and sustainable changes in the lives of poor, marginalized and disadvantaged communities. The trust works towards providing entitlement support for urban poor and marginalized communities from government schemes and public funds.

Maternal Mortality remains a key issue affecting women of reproductive age across the African Region with Kenya reporting 355 deaths per 100,000 live births. These maternal deaths result from complications occurring during pregnancy, before birth, during birth and after birth.

Factors that contribute to maternal mortality in sub–Saharan Africa are:

Poor health-seeking behaviour
Long distances to health facilities
Lack of transport to tertiary facilities
Additional contributing factors include delayed decision to seek maternal care due to failure to recognize danger signs and lack of readiness. Antenatal care is essential in raising awareness about healthy practices and danger signs that signal potentially life-threatening complications. AfyaMama ChatMate powered by REAN HealthGuru can help you get rid of any doubts or uncertainties, and find answers to all your questions about childbirth.

The AfyaMama ChatMate is like a virtual buddy for moms, giving them personalized advice based on their health. It provides helpful information on pregnancy, nutrition, and postpartum health to empower moms. The ChatMate also checks in regularly, reminding moms of appointments, medications, and recommended activities to ensure their well-being. It’s like having a personalized support system at your fingertips.

- The Safe Water and AIDS Project


Some of the frequently asked questions during pregnancy include:

  • Should I climb stairs during pregnancy?
  • Can physical exercise during pregnancy harm the baby?
  • Which diet contributes to the baby's development?
  • Why is there abdominal pain during pregnancy?
Get answers to all your pregnancy-related questions in your language through text or voice chat on WhatsApp. AfyaMama ChatMate, jointly developed by REAN Foundation, The Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP), Kisumu County Department of Health and Ilara Health, can provide personalized guidance on nutrition, exercise regimes, and vitamin intake, tailored to each stage of pregnancy.
Download AfyaMama ChatMate on WhatsApp today and welcome your digital pregnancy companion.
Screenshot of AfyaMama ChatMate chat window, where an expectant mother asks her queries regarding pregnancy.