REAN HealthGuru

A comprehensive patient support platform offering both visual and conversational interfaces in the form of a mobile app and Whatsapp-based assistant.
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What is REAN HealthGuru?

The REAN HealthGuru platform has been developed using open source technologies. It has 3 distinct modules focus on:

Healthcare Management
Empowering patients to effectively manage their health
Self-Monitoring Capabilities
Allowing seamless integration with wearables and health devices to record health journeys
Health Worker Support
Using AI-based technology for risk stratification and predicting health trends
It helps individuals to understand the causes and symptoms of communicable and non-communicable diseases and makes them aware of the risks that could lead to comorbidities and complications. The platform, available as a visual and text or voice-based interface, helps not just in prevention but also provides insights to effectively manage chronic conditions.

Empowering Patient Self-Management Through Video or Conversational Assistance

Answering questions helps build health awareness. Helping people understand the risk factors, symptoms, and possible treatment options for various illnesses and health conditions.
Empowering individuals with risk assessment and risk stratification capability that allows them to identify risks and seek medical assistance proactively.
Helping patients to manage their chronic condition on a daily basis by providing a curated care plan personalized for them.
Providing guidance and insights through text or voice chat in users’ preferred language for easier access.
Users can manage their health effectively with insights and guidance in their language
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Vaccination Assistance
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Individual Risk Assessment
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Symptom Assessment
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FAQs regarding disease prevention & management

Transforming Health Outreach by Bridging Gaps in Community Healthcare

Empowering medical professionals by sharing EHRs and vital stats of individuals on one platform to assist in decision making.
Analyzing individuals’ health stats to predict risks and visualize health trends over time to prompt proactive action.
Enabling community health workers by allowing digitalization of data collection of remote communities.
Supporting health workers to get quick answers and professional guidance to questions while working on-ground.
REAN HealthGuru dashboard allows healthcare providers a comprehensive view of patients' concerns, symptoms and medication adherence data while allowing professionals to reach patients who need assistance.