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Monitor Vitals for Disease Prevention and Condition Management

An elderly woman and a female doctor, who holds a tablet computer in her hand and discusses test results with the old woman
Vitals signs give a glimpse into our overall well being. They can signal early signs of illness, prevent a misdiagnosis, detect symptom-less medical problems, and encourage us to make better lifestyle choices. Regularly measuring and documenting vital physiological observations are essential requirements to assess the state of health as well as recognize any signs of deterioration while managing a health condition.

Record Your Vital Health Signs with REAN HealthGuru

REAN HealthGuru acts as your digital healthcare companion and tracker that provides you with a platform to save your vital sign recordings. This data is saved and keeps track of your health. You can view your health performance over a long period and observe any signs of deterioration of health.
A mobile screenshot of Vitals Management Feature video from REAN Health Guru.

Unique Features

Record your vital signs like pulse, temperature and blood pressure, etc. to keep track of your health
View performance of your health parameters over a period of time
Observe any abnormal activity to detect underlying health problems


A tired new mom undergoing postpartum depression.
A smartphone is in a separate wicker box with inscription digital detox on table illustrates digital detox for enhanced wellbeing.
Asian pregnant woman is monitor blood pressure illustrates the concept of healthcare, sickness and health concern in high risk pregnancy.
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Image of a husband supporting wife during delivery and labour illustrates partner support to handle anxiety during pregnancy.
Image of a mother holding a baby boy child and mosquitos sucking blood on child skin illustrate dengue symptoms in infants.