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Application to Detect Anemia

Developing non-invasive detection and diagnostic practices

Anemia is a condition relating to insufficient hemoglobin concentration in red blood cells. The disorder is more common than one usually imagines, with forty percent of pregnant women and forty-two percent of children suffering from anemia worldwide. Studies show that children below the age of five and women in reproductive age groups are the most affected by the disease. Anemia can be life-threatening, and as with many deadly diseases, prevention and early detection through screening are the best defenses against permanent damage or loss of life.

Diagnosing anemia traditionally involves sophisticated infrastructure handled by trained professionals. This makes it inaccessible to everyone. To address this gap in availability, the REAN foundation has developed an application that diagnoses the condition using non-invasive techniques. This app utilizes artificial intelligence, or AI, which scans the patient for any traces of the disease through images of the palm, tongue, nails, and conjunctiva in the eyes. With the help of this app, patients in remote areas or those that deal with chronic conditions of anemia will now be able to self-monitor their condition. The app enables them to recognize when they will need to get themselves tested, receive transfusions, or adjust their medication.

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“Anemia Detection Using Smartphone Images of Conjunctiva, Nail bed, Palm and Tongue”.

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