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Finding a Tech Solution for Keratoplasty Care

The LV Prasad Eye Institute collaborates deeply with REAN Foundation to develop a user-friendly chatbot for patients to receive real-time information about their eye condition, access postoperative care information, and learn about post-surgical risks. By leveraging REAN Foundation's technological expertise, the institute has developed a platform allowing users to upload images on WhatsApp and obtain medical advice remotely. LVPEI's experts will train this intelligent bot to enable a 24x7 screening service to detect potential eye problems and facilitate access to care providers.

LV Prasad Eye Institute
Organization Background

L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) is a comprehensive eye care facility and a prestigious World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Prevention of Blindness. The Institute operates at least ten different sectors dedicated to modern eye care, namely,

  • Clinical Services
  • Education & Research
  • Vision Rehabilitation
  • Rural & Community Eye Health
  • Eye Banking
  • Advocacy & Policy Planning
  • Capacity Building
  • Innovation & Product Development

With 264 eye care centers, LVPEI has 35 years of excellence in eye care, serving over 34.14 million people, providing 50 % of services free of cost.

Corneal Transplants and Challenges

A cornea transplant is also known as Keratoplasty. This surgery uses donor corneal tissue to replace the damaged cornea. The biggest challenge of Keratoplasty is that nearly 50% of all corneal transplants fail within the first year due to a lack of follow-up or post-surgical complications. Eye care continues to be restrictive for various reasons, including:

  • Lack of timely access to doctors to identify and rectify problems
  • Heavy dependence on physical check-ups
  • Limited healthcare resources
  • Absence of an accompanying caretaker
  • Travel and financial constraints for the patients

REAN Solution

LVPEI is collaborating with the REAN Foundation to build a machine-learning model to detect problems with post-corneal transplant surgery and facilitate remote access to care providers. As a full-fledged NGO, the REAN Foundation uses its technical expertise to enable easy access to healthcare advice and medical guidance even in remote areas.

The easy-to-use REAN HealthGuru chatbot will allow patients to:
Upload eye images and receive real-time information about the condition
Easily access postoperative care information
Learn about post-surgical risky behaviors
Receive automated medication reminders
Receive notifications about doctor appointments

Benefits to the Patients

With the REAN HealthGuru bot at their disposal, users can upload images on WhatsApp to obtain medical advice wherever they are. Furthermore, an LVPEI-trained intelligent bot will be available round-the-clock to provide screening services, detect potential problems, and facilitate quick access to care providers. The prime objective here is to use the tech solution to reduce patient travel and direct visits while providing timely access to physicians. The chatbot will act as the perfect care assistant, allowing users to have HIPAA-secure patient-care team communication. It will also enable healthcare experts to scale their services to a larger population.