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Join us for an exciting webinar where you will learn about various aspects of self-care in Hypertension Management. Patients from various Nigerian Cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Port-harcourt, Ibadan, Enugu and Kano will share their life changing experiences with the Healthy Heart Assistant (HHA). Delve into an in-depth session about how the Healthy Heart assistant can transform hypertension management, highlighting its user-friendly features like answering your health queries, and facilitating easy access to medical resources. The session will conclude where lucky winners will receive Omron blood pressure monitors.


  • Chairman’s opening remarks
  • HHA simplifying hypertension care by Dr. Samuel Antia
  • HHA from patients' perspective
  • Live Questions and Answers
  • Hypertension Query Challenge Award Presentation by HRH Igwe Sir Prof Charles Anikweze (Royal Father of the day)
  • Vote of thanks and closing

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Session Chair

Prof. Augustine Odili

President Nigerian Cardiac Society
President SPSHD
Consultant Cardiologist, University of Abuja

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To download Healthy Heart Assistant to ask your questions on hypertension management.