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What is REAN HealthGuru Bot?

An innovative solution to help you better manage your health. If you’re dealing with any health challenges, the intelligent bot, REAN HealthGuru helps clarify doubts and provides expert advice to prepare you for day-to-day health management and plan ahead to deal with any medical emergencies.

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How does REAN HealthGuru Bot work?

The intelligent bot provides guidance on questions related to the following areas

Vaccination Assistance

Individual Risk Assessment

Symptom Assessment

FAQs regarding disease prevention & management

What makes REAN HealthGuru Bot unique?

Secure Messages

All your messages shared with the chatbot are secure. REAN Health Guru uses the WhatsApp platform that has built-in end-to-end encryption, securing all chat messages from misuse.

Information from Authenticated Sources

All information shared with you as well as data used in symptom and risk assessment, is based on authenticated medical sources.

Chat in Your Language

REAN HealthGuru Bot can assist you in English and Hindi. It will soon be available to communicate in other regional Indian languages.

Access Up-to-Date Health Insights & Guidance

The intelligent chatbot has an extensive library of information sources that are constantly revamped with the most up-to-date health updates.


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Our virtual healthcare assistant is here to help you with vaccination assistance, personal risk assessments, and symptom assessments.

frequently asked questions

What is the use of chatbot?
Our chatbot was designed and developed with the sole purpose of offering a complete health management solution for users. You can ask any health-related queries or list down your symptoms and our chatbot will offer you answers/solutions for all that.
What technology do you use in the chatbot?

Our chatbot is built on AI-driven technology. It makes use of NLP (Natural Language Processing) to interpret user queries intelligently and converse with users easily and quickly.

How do you ensure the privacy of chatbot users?

All the chat conversions between the user and the chatbot will be fully encrypted with end-to-end encryption. This means, no one outside the chat will be able to read or listen to the conversation. It is fully secure.

Does your chatbot offer multilingual conversation facilities?

No. Currently, our chatbot supports only English. But, it will be able to provide answers to FAQs in Hindi and Telugu too. In the future, we may extend to more languages.

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