REAN HealthGuru App

Empowering you to create a healthier you

A mobile application where you plan your health goals, get support from advisors and actively track your progress, in the comfort of your home.

The screen of a mobile phone shows individual medication tracking stats with a closed medicine bottle and an opened bottle with lots of tablets oozing out
Mobile phone screen showing calories burnt and exercise related stats, black dumbells nearby
Data on calorie tracking displayed on a mobile device with a banana and avocado nearby

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REAN HealthGuru app helps set your health and wellness goals and achieve them in the comfort of your home. You can create your community including your doctor, family members and other wellness experts. The application helps track your progress and stay motivated.
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Manage Your Health With REAN HealthGuru

With REAN HealthGuru at your fingertips, health management becomes easier than ever. Here are some ways in which REAN HealthGuru makes a positive impact:
Nutrition Management
Manage your health and avoid illness by keeping an eye out on what goes on your plate. REAN HealthGuru helps to ensure that a measured intake of nutrition is maintained in your daily diet plan.
Here is an illustration of a girl trying to decide what to eat. Various fruits, vegetables, and other foods surround her
Physical Health Management
Plan and implement a perfect fitness routine with the help of REAN HealthGuru. By focusing on regular exercise, you can improve your physical and mental health and reduce the risk of developing diseases.
Medication Management
Take complete control over your medications with REAN HealthGuru medication management. It will help improve your quality of life, reduce healthcare costs, and lower the risk of fatalities.
Symptom Management
Identify and treat diseases right on time with the help of REAN HealthGuru symptom management. Get valuable insights about each symptom you notice so that you can take the next step as necessary.
Vitals Management
Monitor your vitals closely with REAN HealthGuru vitals management. Keep a tab on early signs of illness, make better lifestyle choices, and detect even those medical issues which do not show any symptoms at first.
Mental Health Management
Heal your soul and learn the art of mindfulness with REAN HealthGuru mental health management. We help you learn the techniques and tactics to take care of your mental health in your daily life.


A young woman is holding and caressing a old woman with walking stick ,and a mobile screen showing the HIPAA Compliant logo
An eye doctor is examing an old lady with torch.
Graphical representation of a girl laying on her back and feeling tired of iron deficiency, a lens can be seen with red blood cells in it.
This vector representation shows a woman using an app to monitor her heart health