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Rupa Vasireddy
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About Rupa Vasireddy

The leading force of HR and operations management at REAN Cloud and the Co-founder of REAN Foundation. She works in close association with the Amazon Web Services partner team. She is the technical expert who comes up with reliable solutions to be implemented on the AWS Test Drive platform. This helps companies launch complex solutions involving multiple servers in a matter of minutes. They don't even require any prior knowledge of AWS to do it. Today, this solution has evolved and is now a highly-credible and successful program used by all the major software vendors. She has 15 extensive years of hands-on technology experience.

Though she loves technology, her educational background gives us a glimpse of different flavors. Maybe that is the reason why she has a much broader vision in everything she does and implements. She graduated in Accounting and later completed her post-graduate degree in Garment Manufacturing Technology from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). She has also completed a second Master's degree in Information Systems and Software Systems Engineering from George Mason University.

She has worked as a Software Engineer at VERISIGN and as a Senior Software Engineer at TNS during the beginning days of her momentous career journey. Later, she went on to become the Managing Partner of REAN Cloud. She is also working as a prominent board member and treasurer for a non-profit organization Asha-Jyothi ( This organization aims at offering free education for underprivileged kids in India. She plays a key role in all the fundraising activities of Asha-Jyothi for the benefit of underprivileged kids and their parents.

She is also a black belt in Taekwondo. She is a proud mom to her daughters and plays a vital role in their upbringing as well.

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