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Technology Solution for Child and Youth Healthcare

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Habits acquired during youth set the stage for a healthy and productive adulthood. Most school going children are presumed to be healthy but, as per WHO, an estimated 2.6 million young people aged 10 to 24 years die each year and a much greater number of young people suffer from illnesses that hinder their ability to grow and develop to their full potential. Nearly two-thirds of premature deaths and one-third of the total disease burden in adults are associated with conditions or behaviours initiated in their youth that include tobacco use, physical inactivity, high risk sexual behaviours, injury, violence and others.

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Key Health Challenges Faced By Children And Young Adults Are

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Motivating children and youngsters to develop lifestyle habits will help them support their good health for years to come. Our emphasis is to work with parents, children and educational institutions to promote health & wellness resources beyond disease & injury prevention. It is important to form a daily routine that focuses on eating nutritious foods, doing regular physical activity, and getting adequate sleep.

These healthy habits form behaviours that contribute in

Accelerated growth & development
Active mind with a positive attitude
Physically fit body with optimum weight
Prevention of iron deficiency in the body
Healthy eyesight by preventing any strain on eyes
Reduced chances of developing diabetes & heart disease in future


REAN HealthGuru is an easy-to-use, engaging mobile application that could help children get all information about food nutrition to prevent anemia, poor vision, tooth decay etc. and maintain a healthy body. They can also use the app to access counselling videos, motivational webinars and mind games to relieve stress and maintain a healthy mind. The app also allows youngsters to become part of a health-oriented community to discuss their issues and understand health challenges like digital addiction as well as get tips around nutritious diet, exercise for fitness and correct posture, eye care and regular hygiene, etc.

The mobile platform helps educational institutions to overcome the shortage of medical resources and provides the tools to bridge the lack of skills and expertise and offer healthcare technological support to be used by children and parent communities.

A boy with his mother using a mobile health app in a hospital environment.


To combat anemia, iron-rich foods such as liver, beef, eggs, rye bread, dark chocolate, parsley leaves, dried apricots, beans, broccoli, beetroot, potato, nuts, and pistachios are displayed.
Seniors practice balancing exercises using an exercise dumbbells in a studio.
Image displaying a blood glucose meter and insulin syringe, diabetes healthy diet concept.
A friendly Asian nurse taking care of a senior elderly man's nutrition at the hospital.
Nutritional food for heart health with clean fruits and vegetables in heart dish.