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Using Technology To Drive Community Health Initiatives

REAN Foundation Collaborates with Janvikas

Organization Overview

Janvikas is a public charitable trust focused towards building and strengthening a just, democratic and secular society and to bring about concrete and sustainable changes in the lives of poor, marginalized and disadvantaged communities. The trust works towards providing entitlement support for urban poor and marginalized communities from government schemes and public funds.

Vision for Community Healthcare

Urban poor populations in India including the scavenging communities face many challenges such as unsanitary living conditions, unavailable and poor food and nutrition, HIV/AIDS treatment, presence of non-communicable and communicable diseases and lack of basic healthcare support.

The Janvikas team worked extensively to provide healthcare support services during the COVID pandemic and identified it as an area of concern. Therefore, their team is working with community workers to collect health data and analyze it over a period of time to identify recurring health issues. Furthermore, they plan to use these insights to drive focused community health programs like infection prevention, malnutrition, chronic disease management, etc.

Technology Solution by REAN Foundation

REAN Foundation is working with the organization to provide an open-source, user-friendly technology platform that will help their team to track and analyze health data. Insights derived through the technology tools will help identify trends and draw conclusions about key health challenges faced by specific communities. This knowledge could then be utilized by government agencies to plan focused disease prevention and management programs.

REAN Foundation technology platform will provide the following services:

Empower grassroot-level community workers.
Conduct healthcare screening, digitize medical records and plan follow-ups.
Test health parameters through non-invasive IoT enabled devices.
Use AI/ML technology to generate health insights.

Learn more about REAN HealthGuru Application and HealthGuru Bot.

REAN Foundation team visited Janvikas office as well as their 'Adhikar Prapti Seva Kendra' in Vejalpur, Ahmedabad where the organizations will work together, starting with a pilot digital health screening program collecting health related metrics from about 250 families.