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The Vital Role Of Healthcare Apps In Empowering Patients

Kriti Adlakha
Female patient monitors her blood pressure and records it in a healthcare app.

Healthcare Made Better & Smarter With Healthcare Apps

COVID-19 has completely changed the way the healthcare industry functions. It has accelerated the pace of digital health innovation all across the globe. Today, virtual healthcare and wellness is a promising reality that offers patients the independence to take care of their health without relying on others. Government agencies, technologists and healthcare organizations are working together to prove that innovation, safety, and speed is an achievable goal for healthcare.

Today, as we take a glance at the healthcare scenario beyond the walls of COVID, it is clear that innovations have played a crucial role in establishing the new normal and helping people get accustomed to it faster than expected. Healthcare and technology are no more a case of sour grapes. It is now affordable and accessible to one and all. Applications backed by the power of technology are bringing healthcare to the patient’s home or in any environment they prefer without forcing them to visit the hospital or wait for their turn to get an appointment with their doctor.

Unlocking The Role Of Healthcare Apps In Empowering Patients

The conventional healthcare industry faced many challenges, be it managing and sharing patient’s history and treatment records effectively or challenges in managing doctors’ time efficiently. The ability to access all the required information related to a patient in one place was crucial to make the right diagnosis and track the latest developments in a patient’s condition. It was also vital in ensuring that the healthcare services are delivered on time without much hassle. 

All these challenges can now be solved with the entry of healthcare apps. As per the statistics shared by American Medical Association, around 85% of medical practitioners claimed that digital tools and apps helped enhance patient care and support by 32%. 

With this changing landscape, more and more tech startups are focusing on analyzing and understanding the role of healthcare apps in empowering patients. As a result, many healthcare apps are being developed as a smart step to empower patients and offer care in the comfort of their homes. These applications help in managing health data, making diagnoses understandable, and giving personalized recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. This type of technology can empower patients and their caretakers by giving them more control over their health and social care needs.

Why Is It Important To Empower Patients?

People need to be empowered enough to make informed decisions regarding their health and fitness independently. For this, they need the right guidance and information. An empowered patient will lead to a healthier and well-informed community that makes smarter decisions in matters related to their health. It further helps individuals and countries as a whole to minimize health hazards and bring down healthcare costs. Let us take a look at the reasons on why it is important to empower patients:

Enables Self-Management

Empowered patients or caretakers can easily manage their health or their loved ones’ health by using technology to their advantage. They can search for health-related information online, identify treatment options, rate health providers, and share their reviews for the benefit of others.

The emerging technologies are transforming the way people look at health and take care of it. It is also playing a significant role in ensuring patient satisfaction above everything else. Besides educating patients about health-related issues, digital technology enables remote monitoring of health to ensure adherence to treatments as instructed. In short, it offers personalized services at the click of a button.

Helps Track Health Parameters

Healthcare apps are the ideal platform to track a patient’s personal health information. For example, it can help monitor and record the blood pressure variations in a person effectively and quickly. Even a slight variation in the blood sugar levels is spotted on time to take preventive actions and plan appropriate medication doses.

There are some healthcare apps that even recommend suitable diet plans in accordance with the wellness needs of an individual. Also, healthcare apps can be easily used to monitor BMI, weight, and other parameters related to health and fitness.

Connects With Diagnostic Centres

Doctors usually prescribe tests to assess and understand the patient’s health status. In such situations, patients can easily make use of a healthcare app to find the nearest diagnostic center and request a sample collection from the comfort of their home. 

Saves Time & Effort With Quick Reports

Healthcare apps help in saving time, effort, and money by offering test results online. Both the patient and their doctor can easily access the results online. This helps in eliminating the extra effort of physically collecting the report and visiting the doctor to share the test reports.  Since these are electronically maintained medical records, they can be easily saved and made available when needed. 

Facilitates Communication & Attention

Healthcare apps act as an efficient communication channel between doctors and patients. Communication is made easier as doctors are available just a call or message away. Families can save their family physician or primary GP’s details so that they can fix quick appointments whenever there is a healthcare need. 

Individuals can also plan their screening tests using the healthcare app that would help their doctors to detect a potential disease or health disorder at an early stage. Early detection helps in more effective treatments and reduction in risks associated with the disease.

How Is Technology Transforming The Lives Of Patients?

Technology Transforming The Lives Of Patients

Technology helps change patients’ lives by offering them the power to take control of their health by themselves. Patient satisfaction is the most integral part or rather the lifeline of the healthcare industry. With rising awareness, personal wellness has become a priority for everyone.  This has made us steer towards finding the best ways to manage and improve our health conditions. And, the smartest answer for this is healthcare apps! 1 in 3 ailing patients and health-conscious people are reported to be using healthcare apps to manage their health by themselves. Let us take a look at how these apps help them and make health management easier. 

Managing Medications Is No More A Hassle!

Let’s admit it! Managing medications is a chore by itself! Especially if the patient keeps a busy work schedule, the chances of him/her missing medication are more. Diseases like dementia, diabetes, and blood pressure demand strict medication schedules, and keeping track of it is easier said than done. But, modern healthcare apps offer a solution to this dilemma by allowing patients to set medication reminders so that they never miss even a single dose of their medicine. 

Staying In Control Of One’s Health Is Easier!

Healthcare apps allow patients to add details of any medication they take, download information related to the prescribed medicine, and update it on their personal health records. The health record will give a clear idea about the medications they are taking right now, along with the most up-to-date information related to it. Both the healthcare professionals and patients can access this data when needed and discuss with each other about managing medications. This helps the patient to feel more involved and in control of their health condition, in addition to saving their time and money spent on repeated clinic visits. 

Fixing Doctor Appointments Is A Piece Of Cake!

Health monitoring apps help in freeing up doctor appointments easily. Patients can easily schedule an appointment, make changes or cancel it as per their schedule and requirements. Applications also bring in more efficiency in the system by reducing waiting times for appointments and providing a better and more comfortable patient experience.

To Summarize

A bird’s eye view of the post-pandemic world shows that technology is transforming the lives of patients, physicians, and caregivers to a great extent. In the coming days, we shall witness an even greater shift towards independent patient care made possible with the help of apps backed by AI technology. Healthcare apps are making the management of health easier, efficient, and more engaging than ever before as a part of its commitment to a healthier future. At REAN Foundation, we are working on offering a healthcare application that promises a new ray of hope to individuals by empowering them to lead a healthier and happier life.

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