Do We Need to Move Focus from Curative Medicine to Preventive Medicine for Better Health?
Both preventive and curative healthcare play an important role in maintaining the health of communities and supporting economic growth. The key is in striking the right balance that can lead to a long, healthy and satisfying life’s journey. Studies suggest that chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States […]
By Kriti Adlakha / October 17, 2021
Managing Health at Home Becomes Easy with REAN HealthGuru Mobile App
We all know that chronic diseases, if managed efficiently, can allow a person to lead a life of high quality. When the condition is monitored and
By Vishal / August 16, 2021
Use of technology in COVID-19 management
In Mar 2020, WHO declared the Covid-19 infection outbreak as a global pandemic. Since then, there have been several first and second-order effects that deeply impacted patients,
By Santosh / August 8, 2021
The Vital Role Of Healthcare Apps In Empowering Patients
Healthcare Made Better & Smarter With Healthcare Apps COVID-19 has completely changed the way the healthcare industry functions. It has accelerated
By Kriti Adlakha / April 6, 2021
Redefining Senior Care With Cutting-Edge Technology
The Inherent Need For Efficient Senior Care If it weren’t for technology, senior citizen care would’ve had a very bleak future. Are you wondering why? With the number of senior
By Kriti Adlakha / March 6, 2021

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