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Tech Platforms: Empowering Government Health Programs

December 22, 2021 6:15 am
REAN Foundation

Bridging The Gap With Healthcare Platforms

Mobile health and wellness platforms are rapidly creating new healthcare services and delivery possibilities. Technological interventions are helping government healthcare centers to provide clinical support in remote, rural locations by overcoming geographical barriers.

REAN Foundation health and wellness technology can support government healthcare organizations in achieving early and faster diagnoses. As a healthcare platform, REAN can also improve the delivery and management of healthcare services by enhancing access, efficiency, and quality at a low cost.

Challenges Faced By Government Healthcare Sectors

Government healthcare schemes suffer from the lack of:

  • Sufficient infrastructure to reach and serve remote areas.
  • Access or affordability to preventive and rehabilitation care.
  • Physical resources like physicians, paramedics, and hospital space.
  • Nutritional guidance and understanding in rural areas
  • Awareness in identifying symptoms of illnesses
  • Expertise to operationalize solutions that are proven in private healthcare sectors

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Benefits of Mobile Healthcare Technology

Thanks to advancements in technology and medical science, mobile healthcare is now possible. Government health programs can reap worthwhile benefits such as:

  • Availability of preventative care at home
  • Continuous care accessibility and affordability
  • Reduced healthcare costs of government programs
  • Better access to doctors and medical resources

Remote healthcare capability will provide assistance and education to patients and mitigate the medical staff shortage. Technology will empower social workers, allowing them to handle a broader array of health conditions, thus providing employment opportunities and increasing economic growth.

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