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REAN Foundation Launches Mobile Health Platform to Support Health and Wellness At Home

July 19, 2021 1:38 pm

July 27, 2021: Virginia, US: REAN Foundation has unveiled an innovative mobile health platform that provides a companion app and assistant to monitor and manage health and wellness in the comfort of your home. REAN Health Guru provides a secure, engaging platform that assists users by answering their health related questions and clears any doubts, making it easy to understand and manage various health conditions at home.

“We aim to help individuals focus on wellness and effectively manage health conditions at home, reducing the need of hospitalization, thereby reducing the healthcare cost. Using technology to monitor health parameters and sharing progress with close friends and family can motivate people to actively work on staying healthy.” says Dr. Rakesh Garg, Executive Medical Officer, REAN Foundation.

The mobile health platform developed by REAN Foundation includes:

REAN Health Guru Mobile Application

A mobile app that helps users plan health goals, include friends, family and advisors for support while actively tracking progress, in the comfort of their home. The app provides support based on the following key pillars:

  • Efficient
  • Medication Management
  • Monitor Vitals
  • Identify Symptoms
  • Provide Tips on Nutrition
  • Improve Focus on Exercise
  • Reduce Stress and Build Mindfulness

How REAN Health Guru application works

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REAN Health Guru Assistant

An innovative assistant that helps users to clarify any health/wellness related doubts. It provides insights from reliable medical sources like World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), etc to manage health challenges and plan for medical emergencies.

The assistant can be accessed via chat and will soon be available through voice call where it will listen and understand health-related questions and provide helpful insights anytime, anywhere. The intelligent assistant offers reliable inputs sourced from health experts and delivers solutions to health problems in english and hindi. It will soon be available in multiple Indian regional languages.

REAN Health Guru assistant provides:

  • Symptom Assessment
  • Individual Risk Assessment
  • Vaccination Assistance
  • Answer frequently asked health-related questions

Chat with rean health guru


REAN Foundation uses AI technology and data science to provide preventive care to protect against or reduce the likelihood of medical emergencies while decreasing healthcare costs.

The foundation’s mobile health app and assistant allow secure data sharing, setting up of health goals as well as analysis of health data to track progress. Sri Vasireddy, founder, REAN Foundation, said “People need to be able to access authentic information anytime, anywhere. Our mobile platform, based on open-source technology, supports families to better care for each other with useful insights and health recommendations from reliable medical sources.”

About REAN Foundation

REAN Foundation works with the aim to empower individuals to face health challenges independently. The organization focuses on creating solutions that make it easy to monitor health without leaving the comfort of home. It empowers people to maintain a healthy lifestyle with insights from experts. REAN Foundation offers a platform that allows people to set wellness goals, work to achieve those while having the ability to constantly monitor progress.

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